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Our goals

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Steel is used in many aspects of daily life, meeting basic human needs - from keeping people safe to supporting health and comfort. At the same time, steel facilitates major social and economic goals like building infrastructure, manufacturing goods independently, and protecting the environment. Our wide range of steel products promotes progress at both the personal well-being and national development levels.

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Our Story

History of Mehboob
Steel International:

Brief History

Founded in the early 1954, Mehboob Steel pipe embarked on the journey to reshape the steel pipe landscape.

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Our Project

Our Structure

Our Shipment

Manager Accounts Finance Hassan Rasool
Manager Accounts & Finance
Hassan Ghulam Rasool
Saleem 2
Manager MIS
Muhammad Saleem Shah
AM Accounts Finance
AM Accounts & Finance
Abdul Rehman
Social Media Manager Iqbal
Manager Telemarketing
Muhammad Iqbal
ASM Manager Kafeel
Kafeel Hussain
Irfan Sb
AM Accounts & Taxation
Irfan Asif
Labor Contractor
Muhammad Sajjad
Social Media Manager Musa
Manager Digital Marketing
Muhammad Musa
Abdullah 2
SEO Expert
Abdullah Tahir
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Answer all your solutions from micro to macro.

Our steel pipe company has achieved a 20% increase in production efficiency in the past year, driven by advanced technological integration. We've successfully reduced our carbon emissions by 15%, aligning with our sustainability goals. Moreover, customer satisfaction rates have soared to 95%, reflecting our dedication to meeting specific client needs with precision and quality.

Get in touch

We at Mehboob International Steel are always eager to hear from you. Whether you have questions, feedback, or would like to discuss a business opportunity, please reach out to us by sending your query regarding our services.

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    CEO 2
    Director Zaviar Mughal

    As the CEO of this company, I am dedicated to fostering innovation, driving sustainable growth, and creating value for our stakeholders while maintaining a steadfast commitment to corporate social responsibility and ethical business practices.


    Irfan Mughal

    As the Director of this steel factory, I am committed to ensuring operational efficiency, upholding the highest safety standards, and continually striving for environmental sustainability in all our processes.


    Zaviar Mughal

    Our goals

    Providing solutions of every kind, from start to the end

    Our promise is a blend of robust materials and reliable service, ensuring excellence from foundation to finish.

    steel pipe advance production

    Advanced production

    Mastering cutting-edge steel pipe production techniques for superior quality.

    steel pipe processing

    Steel Processing

    We provide precision steel processing - cutting, machining, shaping - to meet client needs.

    steel pipe quality assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Providing comprehensive testing services to guarantee the highest quality of steel pipe products.

    steel pipe sale support

    After-Sales Support

    Offering reliable post-purchase support, including maintenance and technical assistance, to ensure product durability.

    Our locations

    Our company has two conveniently located facilities in the city's industrial zone. Our trading facility MST (Mehboob Steel Traders) serves as the customer facing sales arm for our quality product inventory. Meanwhile, our manufacturing unit MIS ( Mehboob International Steels) steel pipe as per customer's demand.

    + 92 316 6300000
    + 92 339 4123333

    Our location

    Taiba Industrial Zone, Mandiali Stop, Bhattian Wala Road, Main Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.