At Mehboob International Steels, we utilize a 3-step process to reliably produce high-quality
steel  that meet customer specifications:

1. All-Around Approach and Planning

We start by taking a 360-degree view of the latest industry technology, competitor offerings,customer feedback, regulations, and potential product enhancements. This perspective allows us to create a comprehensive strategic plan covering all aspects of our business.

2. Assessment and Strategy Analysis

Next, we carefully determine optimal material inputs, quality benchmarks, production volumes, and projected demand. This enables us to strategize how to most efficiently manufacture steel to fulfill market needs.

3. Process Finalization

Finally, we establish efficient procedures for activities like machine programming, testing protocols, and timelines for raw material orders. This standardization provides consistent output while eliminating waste. The outcome is reliable delivery of high-quality steel pipes that satisfy project requirements. We pride ourselves on our 3-step approach to synchronize operations for producing piping to meet your exact specifications.

Steel Making Process

Melting Steel Scrap

We melt down imported steel scrap at extreme heat of 1670 degree Celsius in induction furnaces. Additional elements are mixed into this molten metal to get the chemical composition needed for grade specifications.

Heat Treatment

Rolled pipes undergo specialized heat treatment for enhanced durability. They are cooled gradually to make the steel stronger through this process.

Quality Testing

Our engineers draw samples from manufactured batches for composition and performance tests before approval. Pipes are checked thoroughly to match quality parametersThe whole process utilizes the latest technologies for delivering flawless CR and HR-gradeseamless . We focus on quality compliance at every stage.

Pipe Casting

The ready-molten steel is fed into continuous casting machines that shape hot steel billets in hollow pipe form as per the required dimensions.

Rolling Pipes

The red-hot steel pipe billets move to the rolling mills next. Here they are rolled with pressure to form seamless pipes with accurate finishing as customer drawings.

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Production growth
Market increase
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Our location

Taiba Industrial Zone, Mandiali Stop, Bhattian Wala Road, Main Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.